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Mandatory information:

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1. Area of application:
translation assignments/tasks (in translation training)
translation assignment (at/for translation company)
end-of-term grading or assessment of trainee’s work (e.g. topics in translation seminar, grading at mid-term or end-term)
final (degree or certificate) translation (MA/BA thesis)

other (please specify):

2. Type of assessment:

2.a Based on the assessor:
self (trainee)
peer (trainee)
external (reviser, reviewer, etc.)

2.b Based on the purpose of assessment:
diagnostic (entrance examination, grouping trainees)
formative (measuring progress and giving feedback during the course of study)
summative (measuring the outcomes of learning)

2.c. Based on the assessment technique(s)
comments (textual)
scoring and/or comments converted into grades
weighing errors (major, minor)

other (please specify):

3. Type of training programme and course where the assessment technique could be applied: (e.g.: online/on-site/blended, full time/part time), title of programme/course):

4.a TITLE (creative title or keyword):

4.b Please briefly describe assessment technique! (preferably in steps – max. 3 lines for each step

5. Knowledge/skills/attitude developed by assessment (short answer, max. 3 lines):

Optional information:

6. Assessment method submitted by: (provide name(s), institution/organisation and city, country):

7. (Estimated) duration of assessment: (per minute):

8. Equipment/materials required: (e.g.: paper, internet, Moodle access, email-addresses of trainees etc.):

9. Source material/references: (e.g.: provide link, title of book/paper, references, etc.):

10. Extra comments:

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