eTransFair Project Stakeholders' Meeting, Madrid, 20 october 2017

Last 20th October, Hermes Traducciones organised in Madrid the Stakeholders' Meeting of eTransFair project. In this event, which took place in EU's Representation Office in Madrid, apart from the eTransFairconsortium members (BME, Centre for Modern Languages of the Budapest University of Technology & Economics, Centre for Translation Studies of University of Vienna and Hermes Traducciones), around 50 experts cons Stakeholders' meeting in Madridisting of translation companies, freelance translators, universities, academic professors and lecturers, professional associations (ASPROSET and ASETRAD), students and software manufacturers of the Spanish translation industry. The aim of this meeting was to inform the attendees about the intellectual outputs of the project so far and future e-modules to work on. After the presentations, a fruitful debate on new ideas, suggestions, interviews, recordings and brain-storming helped the consortium gather all those professional and academic opinions on the contents of those e-modules and further developments in the project, which will be shared with all those stakeholders.

The meeting was a success and in Hermes Traducciones we feel very happy for this participation of so many colleagues and friends.

Last modified: 25 February 2018


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