eTransFair @ Teaching Translation and Interpreting 2017 Conference

In her presentation on 15 September 2017 given during the Teaching Translation and Interperting 2017 (TTI) Conference at the University of Łódź, Poland, our colleague Barbara Heinisch from the University of Vienna, addressed accessibility and inclusion as components in translator training. She explains, "People with disabilities or special needs also want to access products, services and information. ... Translation in the context of accessibility does not only mean to provide access to communication and culture, but also access to information, products and services beyond linguistic barriers and beyond modalities". Examples of how to integrate accessibility training in specialised translator education are the eTransFair project (How to Achieve Inclusive and Fit-for-Market Specialised Translator Training? – A Transferable Model for Training Institutions) and the ACT project (Accessible Culture and Training).

Last modified: 9 October 2017


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