31 August 2019

eTransFair project has been selected as one of the top 26 European Startegic Partnership projects between 2014-2018 

Study on the impact of Erasmus+ higher education Strategic Partnerships and Knowledge Alliances at local, national and European levels on key higher education policy priorities is available. [eTransFair case study in the DG EACEA Impact study ...

23 July 2019

That was the Translation and Terminology Translating Europe Workshop 2019 in Vienna

Bridging the gap between translator training and market requirements was the topic of the Translating Europe workshop "Translation and Terminology" at the Centre for Translation Studies of the University of Vienna, Austria on 11 July 2019. The numerous ...

23 July 2019

Translation and Terminology Conference 2019 - a brief look back

The final eTransFair event was the conference Translation and Terminology: Bridges between Market and Training. The eTransFair conference took place at the Centre for Translation Studies of the University of Vienna in Austria on 12 July 2019. The talks ...

23 July 2019

All's well that ends well - The eTransFair project comes to an end

The last events of the eTransFair project encompassed a workshop and a conference for all interested parties as well as a partner meeting and a training week for the project members in Vienna in July 2019. [eTransFair partner meeting in Vienna ...

22 February 2019

eTransFair @ International Conference: From Theory to Practice in Language for Specific Purposes 2019

The creation and testing of the eTransFair e-modules was the topic of a talk given by our Austrian colleague Barbara Heinisch. The International Conference: From Theory to Practice in Language for Specific Purposes took place in Zagreb, Croatia from ...

23 May 2018

Etransfair's swot analysis presented at translation and research conference in Budapest

Dr Csilla Szabó, Head of BME's Centre for Interpreter and Translator Training presents one of eTransFair's IO2 results, the SWOT analysis, conducted with the involvement of 12 T/I universities in Hungary on 24 May 2018 at Pázmány University in ...

19 April 2018


13 January 2018

Talk about trends in the localisation industry by Austrian localisation entrepreneur

An Austrian localisation entrepreneur and member of the GALA board gave students at the Centre for Translation Studies in Austria an insight into the localisation industry on 12 January 2018. He and his colleague addressed topics such as key ...

9 January 2018

Report on eTransFair workshop during the 21st Conference on Language for Specific Purposes 2017 - How to achieve innovative, inclusive and fit-for-market specialised translator training?

During the 21st Conference on Language for Specific Purposes (LSP 2017), eTransFair held a workshop on sharing good practices in specialised translator training. The focus was on innovative, inclusive and fit-for-market training. The group format ...

6 November 2017

eTransFair Project Stakeholders' Meeting, Madrid, 20 october 2017

Last 20th October, Hermes Traducciones organised in Madrid the Stakeholders' Meeting of eTransFair project. In this event, which took place in EU's Representation Office in Madrid, apart from the eTransFairconsortium members (BME, Centre for ...