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Mandatory to complete:

Title of exercise: (short and informative)

Competence: please tick (competence(s) developed on the eTransFair Competence Card!

translation competence
language competence
inter- and trans-cultural competence
revision and review competence
domain-specific competence
technological competence
information mining & terminological competence
professional competence

Objectives/learning outcomes:

Knowledge: (e.g. Trainees have learnt/acquired/ is aware of…)

Skills: (e.g. Trainees can/are able to use/construct/apply…..)

Attitude: (e.g. Trainees are open/sensitive to/critical of……..)

Responsibility/autonomy: (e.g. Trainees can make decision(s); in…./take responsibility for….; can assess self and peer in terms of……;)

Domain: (e.g. politics, law, medicine, etc./general/none)

Language pairs:

Language dependent task:

Source language:
Target language:

Language independent task

Task description

Optional information

Exercise suggested by: (provide name(s), organisation and city, country)

Class arrangement: (e.g. individual/pair work/group work)

Type of assessment:
self peer trainer external none
summative formative (see eTransfair Pool of Assessment Techniques (PAT))


Prerequisites/timing in course: (e.g. after transfer (lexical and grammatical operations) have been covered)


Source material/references: (provide link, book, cross-reference to e-module etc.)

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