IO6: methodology Portal

One of eTransFair’s most important outcomes, the Methodology Portal, has been designed to accumulate various traditional and innovative ideas that trainers (and/or trainees) can use in the translation classes or on online platforms. Like the Pool of Assessment Techniques (PAT), the Methodology Portal is an open platform that offers free resources and pedagogical material suggested by experienced trainers with focus on (but not limited to) translation training. The material made available on the portal is collected from trainers working in the field of (specialised) translation and, in some cases, in interpreting training, as well as in the realm of foreign language teaching.

The portal is available here:

The majority of the methods are made available in either of the four main languages of the eTransFair project (English, Hungarian, German and Spanish), but trainers are also welcome to upload materials in any other languages.

Contributors to the portal are required to fill in a template/heading with specific information. The first part needs to be completed on a mandatory basis to make the portal searchable based on keywords. In the obligatory section, trainers uploading their ideas need to indicate the following:

  1. Competences/skills developed by the idea/task uploaded (contributors are recommended to use the eTransFair Competence Card for reference: link here);
  2. The objectives/learning outcomes specified in terms of a) knowledge acquired, b) skills developed, c) attitudes adopted and d) responsibilities assumed;
  3. The domain (specialist field with relevant terminology and LSP);
  4. The language pair used is the idea/task (or whether it can be used for any language pair).

In the mandatory section of the heading, contributors are also asked to describe the idea/task in clearly distinguishable steps, provide a title, and make suggestions and/or comments.

The optional section of the heading contains information such as the name of the contributor(s), background resources/references, necessary equipment, class arrangement, the estimated time schedule or the type of assessment applied.

Contributors are welcome to attach a document that will be stored on the portal with the task description.

Important: contributors need to register at the eTransFair website otherwise their uploaded material may not be saved onto the portal.

We kindly invite colleagues to contribute with (an) idea(s) for the Methodology Portal.

Those contributing to the collection will be granted access to other colleagues’ ideas!