LSP 2017 Workshop: How to Achieve Innovative, Inclusive and Fit-for-Market Specialised Translator Training?

During the Language for Specific Purposes 2017 conference, eTransFair will hold a workshop (W6) on 28 June 2017.

This interactive workshop has the format of a world café. It addresses specialised translator training and the preparation of prospective specialised translators for the requirements of the market.

As language for specific purposes plays a central role in specialised translator training this workshop comprises the following topics:

  • What skills should specialised translators have?
  • What should a transferable training scheme include?
  • What should the training material look like?
  • What are innovative modes of assessment?
  • How can information and communication technology reshape education and training?
  • What should a virtual collaborative space to exchange ICT-based resources look like?
  • What should a centre or network for ICT-based training in specialised translation look like?

This workshop puts special emphasis on the inclusion of disadvantaged groups.

Further information is also available on the LSP 2017 conference page:

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