Market-Student Meeting: Zsuzsanna Lakatos-Báldy

At our next Market-Student Meeting organised by the Centre for Modern Languages (INYK) Zsuzsanna Lakatos-Báldy will feature as our guest.  In her capacity as an interpreter working on a regular basis for the Budapest Cervantes Institute, she will talk about the tasks and challenges an interpreter might have when doing assignments for a cultural institution such as Cervantes.

Lakatos-Báldy is an associate professor at Budapest Business School (BGE) and the president of the Hungarian Association of Translators and Interpreters (MFTE).  She began working as a teacher of Spanish and Portuguese, and has been teaching at the Social Media and Communications Department of BGE for several years now. Besides teaching, she has been doing translation and interpreter activities to keep in contact with the target culture of the foreign languages she works with. Among other assignments, she has acted as an interpreter for delegations of heads of states.

The lecture will be in Spanish and the students of the Centre for Interpreter and Translator Training Programme of INYK, BME will provide liaison interpretation. Anybody understanding Hungarian and/or Spanish are welcome to attend the programme.


Date: 29 March 2017 5 pm Market-Student Meeting at the Centre for Modern Languages

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