As the title of the eTransFair project already suggests, inclusion is a crucial aspect in this project.

On this site you will find several useful materials to enhance inclusive education in your training programme.

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1. Amend or correct the DICTIONARY of EQUAL CHANCES 

To work at a European level to promote the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and to exchange practices is in any way an exciting task. But even if we often feel like we share the same philosophy and the same will to act, the language issue is undoubtedly a difficult barrier to overcome.This glossary should function as a tool to improve our mutual understanding on fundamental and decisive terms in the field of disability policy. Thanks for the EASPD for their contribution. EASPD is the European Associasion of Service Providers for persons with disablilities and represents over 15.000 support services for persons with disabilities across Europe


2. List of projects dealing with inclusivity 
3. List of organisations in Austria, Hungary and Spain dealing with disadvantageous target groups:


  • ÖZIV Bundesverband für Menschen mit Behinderung
  • Österreichischer Behindertenrat: The Austrian Disability Council as an umbrella organisation of Austrian disability associations represents about 80 member associations and about 1.4 million persons with disabilities in Austria.





4. Useful publications 
5. Useful links