IO4: Pool of Assessment Techniques (PAT)

eTransFair’s Pool of Assessment Techniques (PAT) is an open platform that offers free resources and pedagogical material on assessment and evaluation put forward by experienced trainers with focus on (but not limited to) translation training. The material made available on the portal is collected from trainers working in the field of (specialised) translation and, in some cases, in interpreting training, as well as in the realm of foreign language teaching.

Drect link to reach the PAT portal:

The majority of the methods have been made available in either of the four main languages of the eTransFair project (English, Hungarian, German and Spanish), but trainers are also welcome to upload materials in any other languages.

There is a heading to be filled in by contributors on a mandatory basis to make the portal searchable based on keyword. In this section, trainers uploading their ideas need to indicate the following:

  • The area of application: in which they specify the major field(s) where the idea can be used e.g. a) in the classroom [or online], b) as a translation assignment in the market, c) for midterm or end-of-term assessment; and 4) for evaluation and diploma translations at final (degree or certificate) examinations;
  • The person of the assessor (self, peer, trainer or external);
  • The purpose of the assessment: diagnostic, summative or formative; 
  • The assessment technique applied: scoring, comments, both converted into grades, weighing errors;
  • The training programme and course where the uploaded idea can be applied.

In the mandatory section of the heading, contributors are also asked to describe the idea/task in clearly distinguishable steps, provide a title, make suggestions and/or comments, and specify what knowledge, skills and attitude that particular assessment idea develops.

The optional section of the heading contains information such as the name of the contributor(s), any background resources/references, the necessary equipment, or the estimated time schedule.

Contributors are welcome to attach a document that will be stored on the portal along with the task description.

Important: contributors need to register at the eTransFair website otherwise their uploaded material may not be saved onto the portal.

We kindly invite colleagues to contribute with (an) idea(s) on assessment.

Those contributing to the collection will be granted access to other colleagues’ ideas!

As a first stimuli for potential uploaders, visit our self-assessment forms, developed on the basis of several research results and which help trainers and trainees to measure their level and to raise awareness of the necessary competencies and soft skills in specialised translator trainining programmes.

Self assessment form to measure competences   Self assessment form to measure soft skills