Centre for Modern Languages, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

The Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME) is one of Hungary’s leading higher education institution in Hungary also boasting a well-established international reputation. It offers a broad range of courses focusing on technology and economics ( covering eight disciplinary areas. There are 20 bachelor programmes, one single-cycle degree programme, 42 master courses and 13 doctoral schools and a great number of postgraduate courses to cater for the needs of  students, the current figure of which is over 20,000. Operating with eight faculties, the university offers an inspiring context for carrying out a wide range of activities related to foreign languages. The Centre for Modern Languages (CML) ( is an independent unit working within the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences (GTK). It is made up of four components: the  Language Teaching Centre, the Language Examination Centre, the University School of Languages and the Translator and Interpreter Training Centre. CML provides a comprehensive service catalogue by offering courses in 9 foreign languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Japanese and Hungarian as a foreign language) for a total of 5,500 students per year, many of them tailor-made to fit students’ individual needs. It has over 100 instructors (both full-time and part-time) who run general and specialist language courses at six different levels (from A1 to C2). The Centre also organizes accredited general language examinations at three levels (B1, B2, C1) and LSP examinations at 40 different venues across Hungary and receive over 14,000 candidates each year. It also provides the highest number for so called unique procedures for people with special needs. Moreover,     it also hosts the Secretariate of SZOKOE (Association of LSP teachers and researchers), providing a sound basis for dissemination activities.

Centre for Translation Studies at the University of Vienna

The Centre for Translation Studies (ZTW) at the University of Vienna, Austria is one of 19 academic units (faculties and centres) of the University of Vienna. In addition to the area of teaching (transcultural communication, translation studies, translation and interpreting education in 14 languages, etc.), the Centre conducts research in several key research areas. More than 120 lecturers teach translation-related subjects to about 4,000 undergraduate and postgraduate students, including professors, habilitated staff members, predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers, senior lecturers and many more.

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Hermes Traducciones y Servicios Linguisticos SL

Set up in 1991 and boasting a world-leading reputation, Hermes Traducciones represents the language industry offering language services with focus on translation. The company has a firm commitment to the communities that speak the languages they translate, which is why it is linked to various national and international associations in the field.

Hermes Traducciones is more than just a translation company. It not only does a vast amount of translation (i.e. over 50,000 localisation projects conducted and approximately 25 million words translated annually) but is also present at various professional fora and, more importantly, in the university community.