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Translation and Terminology: Bridges between Market and Training

Vienna, Centre for Translation Studies, University of Vienna, 12th July 2019

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To meet the market needs in the field of specialised translation, higher education training programmes have to prepare students for the working life. The aim of modernising higher education programmes in the field of specialised translation will be met by improving transversal skills that prepare translation students for the language industry market and by providing ICT-based innovative teaching materials and assessment tools to teachers. We pay special attention to inclusiveness and to disadvantaged groups when fostering digital skills.

Project leader: Centre for Modern Languages, Budapest University of Technology and Economics

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The major objective of Output 1, the first intellectual product of eTransFair, was to identify a set of skills ­– a sort of competence profile – for specialised translators, on the basis of the reviews of competence models already outlined for general translators; and recommend a set of teaching modules to be introduced at university curricula to meet the changing requirements of the translation market.

More information about IO1: Skills set..

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23 July 2019

That was the Translation and Terminology Translating Europe Workshop 2019 in Vienna

Bridging the gap between translator training and market requirements was the topic of the Translating Europe workshop "Translation and Terminology" at the Centre for Translation Studies of the University of Vienna, Austria on 11 July 2019. The numerous ...

23 July 2019

Translation and Terminology Conference 2019 - a brief look back

The final eTransFair event was the conference Translation and Terminology: Bridges between Market and Training. The eTransFair conference took place at the Centre for Translation Studies of the University of Vienna in Austria on 12 July 2019. The talks ...

23 July 2019

All's well that ends well - The eTransFair project comes to an end

The last events of the eTransFair project encompassed a workshop and a conference for all interested parties as well as a partner meeting and a training week for the project members in Vienna in July 2019. [eTransFair partner meeting in Vienna ...

22 February 2019

eTransFair @ International Conference: From Theory to Practice in Language for Specific Purposes 2019

The creation and testing of the eTransFair e-modules was the topic of a talk given by our Austrian colleague Barbara Heinisch. The International Conference: From Theory to Practice in Language for Specific Purposes took place in Zagreb, Croatia from ...

23 May 2018

Etransfair's swot analysis presented at translation and research conference in Budapest

Dr Csilla Szabó, Head of BME's Centre for Interpreter and Translator Training presents one of eTransFair's IO2 results, the SWOT analysis, conducted with the involvement of 12 T/I universities in Hungary on 24 May 2018 at Pázmány University in ...